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New Webinars for Professional SCENAR Users

We are pleased to introduce new series of Zoom Webinars for SCENAR Professional Users.

Run by Dr. Jorg Prinz, the webinars are a valuable resource for all SCENAR Practitioners to refresh their knowledge and learn new information and developments in the SCENAR field.

Each webinar is designed to provide information on the topic as well have time for Q&A. 1 point for Professional development can be claimed for each webinar.

SPA members enjoy a discount of 50% ($25 per webinar), while the price for non members is $50.

Please find below the webinar dates, time and description.

Please contact us for more information.

27th August 20206pm Sydney timeImprovement Reaction or Healing Crisis  Although rare, healing crisis do happen. It is both stressful for patients and practitioners alike. We discuss: – Legal and ethical concerns – Who is likely to get a strong improvement reaction and how to treat such a client to avoid it in the first place? – The nocebo and placebo effect in SCENAR therapy – How to encourage to come again when they experience a strong improvement reaction – Treatment protocols for strong healing crisis – When to call for back-up  
10th of September 20206pm Sydney timeHow to treat a disease with SCENAR  Just because every so often the question des pop up  We discuss: – What is a disease in medical terminology? – Importance of knowledge of anatomy and physiology – Importance of knowing energy in and around the body – Know the pathophysiology (roughly) and you know where and how to treat a client with SCENAR – Influence of the mind on disease and healing – What do we treat with SCENAR – The importance of General Zones and the settings  
24th of September 20206pm Sydney timeHow to explain patients what SCENAR practitioners do  We discus:
– Patient approach -Symptoms vs disease – Balancing the body – Parametrical resonance – Changing body balance – Pain relief and anti-inflammation

If you can’t make it on the webinar dates, do not worry! All webinars will be rerecorded and a link with the video recording will be sent to you to download.

We welcome your ideas for future webinar topics! 

Dr. Med. Jorg Prinz

SCENAR Trainer, CSP, Medical Doctor, PhD Immunotherapy of Cancer, Holistic Medicine, Psycho-Neuro-Immunology, Energy Medicine

Integrating SCENAR Therapy with other modalities like Acupuncture, EAV, Oxygen Multistep Therapy, NLP, EFT, NutriEnergetics for the improvement of chronic disease

SCENAR Coaching Program for Professionals

The SCENAR Coaching Program has been developed to support individuals and businesses on treatment strategies, discuss the latest SCENAR techniques and providing ongoing professional support.

The program will be available to SCENAR practitioners:

  • Trained Level 1, 2 or 3 and Home Device Users;
  • Committed to providing their clients best in class experience;
  • Driven to build and grow a successful business;
  • Have an open mind and understand the importance of continuously learning;
  • Willingness to invest in themselves.

The benefits will include

  • Access to an expert to ask and discuss topics;
  • Sharing of latest and experimental techniques and protocols;
  • Business best practices, recommendations and ideas;
  • Discuss protocols to best meet your client needs;
  • Optimisation of treatments.

SCENAR Coaching Programme costs $120 a month; SPA Members $100 a month; and full payment is required before commencement.

SCENAR Coaching includes:

  • Weekly –          1 x 15 mins call  
  • Fortnightly –     an additional 1 x 20 min Face to Face Online Meeting
  • Monthly –         an additional 1 x 35 mins Group Online Meeting

All of the most successful individuals and businesses in the world have demonstrated the importance of having their “power” team around them, their coaches who support them in delivering their mission. This program provides the success needed in delivering your SCENAR goals.

Dr Peta Zafir
CEO of SCENAR Australasian Therapists
Head Therapist and Owner of Coolum Therapy Clinic.
Australasian SCENAR Trainer specialising in Complex Multifaceted Health and Pain
Qualifications in Naturopath, D.Ed., Counsellor, Reflexologist; Internationally Certified NES Practitioner, AIM Health Coach.
Author, Public Speaker

Free Webinars – Manual settings of professional SCENAR devices

Dear Friends and Colleagues!

For those who missed it or just joined our community, we are repeating the entry level training webinars. We are pleased to announce the new online zoom meetings coming up next week:

July 21, 7pm Sydney time (12:00 PM, Moscow time) – Manual settings of professional SCENAR devices
July 28, 7pm Sydney time (12:00 PM, Moscow time) – Manual settings of professional SCENAR devices

The webinars are free and open to everyone.

If you already participated in our previous webinars, you will receive a link via email. If it is your first time, please register by emailing to [email protected] using the following form:

1. Full name
2. Model of your device(s)
3. What is your SCENAR experience?
4. Do you have medical education?

Stay home and stay healthy with SCENAR! 

Using the Hair Comb Electrode

Application of the Comb electrode proved its efficiency in the treatment of various diseases. Using this electrode allows avoiding shaving the patient’s head and has a wide range of indications, including the treatment of: long-lasting sever and chronic diseases; brain-related pathologic processes (inflammatory, vascular, metabolic); higher nervous activity disorders (memory loss, agnosia, etc.); inadequate behaviour; hearing, smelling, coordination, visual impairment, etc.; any immedicable diseases probably having a psychosomatic origin; diseases of unknown pathogenesis; abnormal values of head energy detected during Voll’s test.

The effects of SCENAR cranial therapy are similar to the ones of SCENAR therapy, but they are often more pronounced. The most common of them are:
* mood improvement, performance in coordination, increased activity;

* better sleep; improved quality of senses; normalized behavioural reactions;

* improved mental activity; normalized head energy (according to the Voll test results);

* stimulation of the brain regions to partially perform the functions of the damaged regions (distant results after the treatment course).

Treatment techniques

Set comfortable treatment energy.

Slowly move the comb electrode along the head skin.

When you identify the zones with increased sensitivity, pay more attention to them (10-20 min) by keeping or moving the electrode in these areas and noticing the dynamics of the tingling sensations (in terms of one session and comparing to the previous sessions).

The treatment is carried out in the projections of the dysfunctional brain regions (taking into account the individual variability of the reflex zones).

If a patient is able to use the comb electrode himself, instruct him and let him work for 10-15 minutes (before or after the main procedure performed in the areas of general regulation) and ask him to comment his sensations while treatment.

If a patient is able to treat himself, treat the whole head, taking into account the projection zones of the affected CNS regions. Also, take into account the mimics and speech of the patient (there will be specific reactions when you identify the painful areas).

During the treatment sessions, the initial pain level is significantly reduced, the painful zones are decreased in size, and, sometimes, change their location.

During the following sessions, the painful areas are decreased and the pain is relieved, the tense of the head muscles is reduced.

1. Using the comb electrode additionally to the basic SCENAR treatment provides for more stable and fast treatment results.
2. There is a positive psychological influence since patients can actively participate in their treatment (if self-treatment is possible).
3. The treatment technique is quite easy – it takes less than a minute to instruct the patient.
4. The positive result of this treatment (pain relief) is clearly evident both for the therapist and the patient.
5. The final result is assessed 1-3 months after the treatment course (the rehabilitation process still continues during this period).

1. Samosuyk I.Z. et al. “Manual, Homeopathic, and Reflexotherapy of the Spinal Osteochondrosis”, Kyiv, Zdorovie, 1992, p.270.
2. Triumfov A.V. “Topic Diagnostics of the Nervous System Diseases”, Moscow, Medpress, 2000.
3. Chuprikov A.P. et al. “Lateral Therapy. Guide for Doctors”, Kyiv, Zdorovie, 1994.

S.V. Alyoshin, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

The 40th Anniversary SCENAR Conference postponed until spring 2021.

Dear friends and colleagues!

Over the past few months, we have continued to monitor the impact of COVID-19 and our ability to stage a successful SCENAR Conference later this year.

After thorough consideration and close consultation with our partners, we have made the decision to postpone the SCENAR Conference to the next year.

The International SCENAR Conference on SCENAR therapy dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of RITM OKB ZAO will take place in the spring months of 2021 at the Congress Center of ‘Olsanka’ Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic, with exact dates to be announced soon.

We regret that we are unable to host a conference this year and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We hope however that our SCENAR webinars were of great help to you.

If you do not have the records, please contact us at [email protected] to get them free. Also, if you would like to offer a topic for the next webinar, do not hesitate to share your ideas. Our mission to keep the SCENAR community connected and develop the online transacting, now more than ever.

Contact us today at [email protected] to express your willingness to attend the SCENAR Conference 2021 and to get more details on participating.

We look forward to discussing this with you in more detail.

Kind regards


Interest Free payment plans for purchases up to $7500

We are pleased to introduce an Interest Free payment plans for purchases up to $7500 with payment terms up to 24 months through Humm.

Please find below the plans and approval criteria.

Our clients can apply online when they purchase product/s from our online shop scenar.com.au/shop and select Humm as a payment method. This will redirect to the Humm website where an account has to be created and approved. Alternatively, please call us on 02 8011 4217, 0416 974 651 and I will process your application over the phone.

SCENAR at Omnia Health Live!

RITM OKB ZAO at Omnia Health Live!

Dear friends and colleagues!

All the world is going online in the move to support their businesses and to find new opportunities. RITM OKB ZAO is also going to use this situation to the greatest and mitigate today’s challenges with the revolutionary virtual expo for the global healthcare industry.

In order to adapt to the new normal, RITM OKB is participating in Omnia Health Live, taking place from 22-26 June 2020, organised by Informa Markets Healthcare, organiser of world-leading healthcare events including Arab Health, Hospitalar, Medlab, FIME, Africa Health, Expomed and many more.

Looking forward to meeting you at our virtual booth.

Book a meeting with us at Omnia Health Live using this link: https://tinyurl.com/ybyvmmpg

Best of all: The event is completely free to attend!

Interview with Dr. Irina Ershova MD

Interview with Dr. Irina Ershova MD

Dr. Irina Ershova MD

Irina Ershova is Director and Chief Physician of the Moscow SCENAR Center and a SCENAR therapist with more than 20 years of experience. Spe specializes in therapy, radiology, physiotherapy, reflex therapy and SCENAR therapy.

Q: You were a successful doctor. Why did you switch to SCENAR therapy?

A: When I graduated from Sverdlovsk Medical University, I worked in a major clinical hospital for five years and developed from an intern to head of the admissions department. This was a very good school of life that still helps me a lot. My second specialization was X-ray, but after eleven years as an X-ray, I had health problems. The chief physician of my hospital, Tamara Litvinova, suggested to master the ” new technologies This is how I discovered SCENAR therapy.

Q: When did you first use SCENAR?

A: 1996 during the training seminar organized by RITM OKB. Back then I met Yury Gorfinkel, Alexander Revenko and Yakov Grinberg. These three people had a great impact on my development as a SCENAR therapist. From the beginning I realized how unique this technology is. Same device, same rules, but you can treat different diseases – both acute and chronic! I was obsessed with SCENAR therapy.

Q: And who was your first patient?

A: First I was a patient myself and went through all the recovery phases. My health improved considerably and my choice turned out to be right.

I started learning more about SCENAR technology. In order to better understand the holistic approach to treatment of diseases, I studied reflex therapy and homeopathy. This gave me the opportunity to become a licensed SCENAR therapist. For many years of my SCENAR therapy practice I have treated different cases and different patients. I helped some people avoid disabilities and even saved lives. In any case, I had a trusted assistant named SCENAR!

Q: But who was your very first patient?

A: The very first patients were my family members – my husband, my son and my parents. At the time I lacked a lot of knowledge, but I was firmly convinced from the beginning that the SCENAR therapist is always right that the SCENAR device can’t do any damage and the body can treat itself. I learned this at my first SCENAR therapy training, and this has proven to be right many times during my long practice. My family helped me master the basics of this new specialization, and quickly felt the results of the “magic” treatment.

Q: We are often skeptical about Scenar therapy. Can you comment on this?

A: First of all, the majority of doctors don’t know or understand or don’t understand this technology. They often think that this is regular physical therapy with a variety of contraindications.

Second, SCENAR technology has a different approach to patients and diseases than conventional medicine. The doctors are very conservative and don’t tend to accept anything new and progressive.

Thirdly, there are many unfair offers in this market. You can’t ignore the negative experiences of those who have tried some types of “new” medical technologies and found that their advertising mostly does not match reality.

Finally, there is a lack of medical communication and promotion among doctors and patients.

Q: Can you please tell us about the most interesting case you had?

A: Every single patient is unique. I can talk for hours. Here’s an example: A woman, fifty-year-old, was diagnosed with a band tear by traumatologists. The joint movement was significantly restricted, each movement caused pain up to 10 points (NPRS) and up to 7 points in rest as well as oedema and hematomas. She had already installed the rail and was scheduled for surgery. But she refused and came to seek my advice.

Treatment was performed according to active local complaints algorithm. I treated the direct projection of the complaint area, symmetrical area and segments of the lumbar spine. After the first procedure, the pain had completely disappeared in peace and the pain during movement decreased to 3 points. She could even sit. After the second session the rail was removed.
The treatment course included 7 sessions. The pain disappeared completely restored joints.
Two weeks after the SCENAR course, the patient had another consultation at the CITO (Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics). The traumatologists concluded: There is no need for surgery!

However, this is not the end of the story. Soon she had a routine ultrasound examination of the small pelvis (she had a history of a large ovarian cyst that did not grow and was under the supervision of the gynecologist for several years).
And the ultrasound showed no cyst!
Both the patient and gynecologist couldn’t believe it.

But that’s a fact. In SCENAR technology, it was previously referred to as an unforeseen positive result. In many patients, the discomfort and chronic illnesses that were not at the center of SCENAR therapy disappeared.
In the end, all family members of this woman became my patients, and the gynecologist is now the active SCENAR user. This case proves once again that SCENAR therapy is the unique treatment method, especially in the acute phase.

Q: Should SCENAR become a common medical tool like a stethoscope or tonometer?

A: Worldwide SCENAR is positioned as a device for pain therapy. It also has significant anti-inflammatory and reparative effects. In addition, there are situations where conventional treatment has no or only minor effects. For example, decubitus in seriously ill patients. This means the most powerful pain, secondary infections and many other complications. With SCENAR, any doctor can help such patients in no time.

Q: Do you agree that every family should have a SCENAR device?

A: Every time something happens to me or my family, we use SCENAR first. And I always wonder – how do people live without them? This is our all-purpose first aid kit, especially in acute conditions. The most common example is respiratory disease. If you treat the projections of the affected organs, the treatment does not take longer than 1-2 days. No complications, often no medication is needed (our “beloved” paracetamol). Any of my patients know SCENAR can help in any situation, it’s a clinic and first aid in your pocket.

Q: How do you assess the prospects for developing SCENAR therapy?

A: The cholistic medicine that belongs to SCENAR therapy is the future. There is a lot to do to make this method known in general. I think today the main task of RITM OKB is to translate this method into the combined therapy of various diseases. I want to believe that SCENAR therapy will be much widespread in the near future. I hope so!

Q&A session webinar – Professional SCENAR Devices

Dear Friends and Colleagues, thank you for your positive feedback.

We hope that the last webinars were interesting and informative for you. Before moving to the next part of online webinars we would like to make sure that you asked all questions and understood the given material.

On June 4 and June 5 at 7pm Sydney time (12:00 PM, Moscow time) we will have a QA session during which you will have a chance to ask any questions on the past webinars (“Manual Settings of professional SCENAR devices”, “Presets of professional SCENAR devices”, “SCENAR and treatment of respiratory diseases”).

Please send your questions to [email protected]

We will send the links to all webinar attendees on Wednesday, 03.05.2020.

FREE Webinars – Respiratory Diseases (new) and Presets (repeat)

FREE Webinars – Respiratory Diseases (new) and Presets (repeat)

The next topic of the series of free webinars, organised by RITM OKB ZAO is 

SCENAR treatment of respiratory diseases

The webinar aims to provide some quick and easy treatment techniques for reducing pain and discomfort caused by respiratory diseases.

The speaker is Boris Kulizshskiy – SCENAR therapist with more than 20 years or experience, physiologist, psychologist, research doctor of RITM OKB ZAO, and scientific referent of DeGAT e.V.

We strongly recommend that all SCENAR Practitioners attend the webinar to upgrade their knowledge. Participants of this webinar can claim 1 CPD towards their Professional Development requirements from SPA.

Additionally, RITM are repeating the Professional devices Presets Webinar for those clients who have missed to attend last month. Please use this opportunity to learn how and when to use the presets in your device. As always, there will be a Q&A session at the end of the webinar and you can ask any questions related to SCENAR.

Webinar Dates

Presets of professional SCENAR devices (repeat)

  • Monday (May 25) at 7:00 pm Sydney time (12:00 PM Moscow time)
  • Tuesday (May 26) at 7:00 pm Sydney time (12:00 PM Moscow time)

SCENAR treatment of respiratory diseases (new!)

  • Thursday (May 28) at 7:00 pm Sydney time (12:00 PM Moscow time)
  • Friday (May 29) at 7:00 pm Sydney time (12:00 PM Moscow time)

How to register

The webinars are free and open to everyone.
If you already participated in any of our previous webinars, you will receive a link via email.

If it is your first time, please register by emailing to [email protected] and provide the following information:

1. Your name
2. Model of your device (if you have one)
3. How did you hear about SCENAR?
4. Which day are you going to attend?

You will then receive a link to the Zoom webinar. 

Webinar recordings

All webinar attendees will receive a link to download the recorded webinar. 

Alternatively, the materials can be accesses in our online training website – https://www.ritmscenar.com.au/. The recordings will be uploaded under WEBINARS sections of the following courses: 

LEVEL 1 Professional Training 

2018 Professional SCENAR devices operations and controls online training

SCENAR Practitioner Course

If your account is current, please login to https://www.ritmscenar.com.au/ and navigate to Webinars section to watch the videos. 

In case your account has expired, you can become a member of the SCENAR Practitioners Association (SPA) – https://scenarassociation.org.au/ and all your online trainings will be activated for free for the duration of your membership. Additionally, you will benefit 20% discount on our products.