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RITM OKB visits Hospital Príncipe de Asturias (Spain)

Michael Unakafov, an official representative of RITM OKB ZAO, had visited the Hospital Príncipe de Asturias (Spain) and met with Dr. Carlos Udina Cortes, who earlier defended the doctoral dissertation on SCENAR therapy, and Dr. Alvaro Zapico.

The discussion revolved around the peculiarities of SCENAR application in gynecology. The results obtained by Dr. Zapico during his research turned out to be very promising. These studies were approved by the Spanish Ministry of Health.

Michael Unakafov is a Candidate of Technical Science, Chief developer of SCENAR devices, and Head of the Third Department of RITM OKB ZAO. Carlos Udina Cortes, M.D. is the director of the SCENAR Academy of Spain and Portugal. He was first in Western Europe who defended a doctoral dissertation on SCENAR therapy. Hospital Príncipe de Asturias (HUPA) is a medical facility that belongs to Madrid Healthcare Service (SERMAS) and located in the campus of Alcala University (Universidad de Alcalá).

RITM OKB ZAO won a prestige award in Russia

RITM OKB ZAO won the prestige award – Export of the Year in Russia!

Congratulations RITM! Keep up the good work!

SCENAR at Rotary FNQ Field Days,29th-31st May

RITM SCENAR for pain relief will be demonstrated during the Rotary FNQ Field Days in QLD by one of our SCENAR Practitioners – Janet Knight.

The Rotary FNQ Field Days Expo will be held on 29th, 30th & 31st May 2019 in Mareeba, QLD.

Visit us if you like to know more about Pain Relief with SCENAR or have a demo treatment.

We are going to provide free demo treatments and run some exiting products specials.

For more details call Janet: 0413 930 504

RITM OKB ZAO is now Exporter of the Year!

RITM OKB ZAO (Taganrog, Russia) has won the regional stage of the prestigious annual “Exporter of the Year” award. We took the first place in the “Hi-Tech export” nomination for small and medium-sized businesses.

Export Win

The second and third places were taken by OOO “NPP Neftehim” (Krasnodar) and OOO “Internet-fregat” (Novocherkassk), respectively.
“We are a bright example, showing that Russian technologies can not only be competitive, but also unique for the global market. Constantly increasing demand for our SCENAR device abroad and its spreading geography are proving that” – said General Director of RITM OKB ZAO Yury Starovoytov.

The award had five nominations. Besides the one we took, there were also “Industrial Exporter”, “Agro-industrial Exporter”, “Exporter of Services”, and “Breakthrough of the Year”. The competition was intense – more than one thousand of exporters were invited.

The award is given to companies and self-employed individuals who reached the greatest success in export of non-resource and non-energy goods and services, as well as intellectual products. Since 2019 it officially obtained a status of National Award.

The ceremony was held during the V Anniversary Yalta International Economic Forum. The importance of this forum for the economy can be proven at least by the fact that the total value of contracts and business agreements signed during this event exceeded 215 billion rubles.

The results of the final State stage of the award will be revealed during the VI International Export Forum “Made in Russia”, that will be held in November 2019 in Moscow.

Also, please see the short video about RITM okb zao that was broadcasted on the Russian Federal TV channel “Rossiya-1”:

2019 SCENAR Conference Summary

2019 International SCENAR Conference

5th – 8th of April 2019, Brisbane, Australia


The 2019 International SCENAR Conference was held on 5th – 8th of April 2019 in Brisbane, Australia and it was a great success.

We had eight presenters and thirty delegates from all around Australia with a wide range of professions such as medical doctors, chiropractors, ophthalmologists, massage therapists, naturopaths and other natural care practitioners.    

We received very positive feedback about the venue location, presenters and the topics covered. The delegates suggested that, in the future workshops with a greater emphasis on a ‘hands on’ approach would be welcomed.

We thank our presenters as well as the delegates for their attendance and involvement in the Conference.

The next International Conference will be organised and held in Sydney in 2021.  

Elly Tomova, the General Manager of RITM Australia and Dr. Boris Kulizhsky, Developer in RITM OKB ZAO opened the Conference and greeted the presenters and the delegates.

Dr. Yuri Starovoytov, the CEO of RITM OKB ZAO, who was unable to attend, welcomed the delegates with a pre-recorded video message.

A special quest from Russia, Dr. Sergei Rayvkin, the CEO of DENAS also attended the Conference introducing the newest product jointly developed by RITM OKB ZAO and DENAS – SCENAR Vertebra.

SCENAR Vertebra is the first fully automatic SCENAR device that provides a dynamic treatment on the patient’s back. It is currently being registered in TGA and will be available in Australia in a couple of months. The product is suitable for home as well as clinic use, and the delegates expressed great interest.

Vera Payne, who was also our interpreter, explained the application of ULM blankets and clothes and demonstrated how effective they are for EMF Protection.

Dr. Boris Kulizhsky clarified what is the difference between SCENAR technology and other electrotherapy modalities and went on with the Physiotherapy applications of SCENAR course that was taught during the Conference. This was a full course on the most common SCENAR Applications in a physiotherapy practice. It provided information about pain relief protocols that make quick difference in the patient condition. The covered many practical applications and demonstrations.

Dr. Jessica Homes delivered a presentation about how SCENAR helped stroke and brain injuries patients and demonstrated SCENAR protocols used in her chiropractic clinic in Mackay, QLD.

Since most SCENAR Practitioners are now having Dose 5 incorporated in their Professional SCENAR device, Dr. Boris delivered a short course in two sessions about how to use Dose 5, how to measure the end points and interpret the graph results.

Manuela King presented complex medical case studies from her practice and showed how various pain Syndromes can be treated by integrating SCENAR Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage techniques.

Dr. Peta Zafir taught the delegates how to establish and run a successful SCENAR business and presented the use of the many SCENAR electrodes available for practitioners.

After two long information heavy days the delegates were rewarded with a Gala Dinner where they networked and got wild on the dance floor. RITM OKB ZAO generously donated devices and electrodes for the Dinner Quiz and Alistair, Janett and Jody answering the questions correctly went home with a prize.

Vera Payne talked about comprehensive guide for practitioners to help them further understand and follow the amazing intelligence of the body’s healing responses with protocol examples

Dr. Boris Kulizhsky clarified the difference between Dose 1, Dose 2, Dose 3, Dose 4 and Dose 5 in a lecture on the last day of the Conference.

Kris Ciok presented a summary of what is pain and success stories from her practice.

 SCENAR Practitioners Association (SPA) had its AGM meeting on 7th April 2019 where we elected the new board members and discussed the importance of SPA being the unity for all SCENAR Practitioners: giving them a voice and a process for change, advancement and development. SPA is an association that promotes the highly trained expert qualified skills for the SCENAR practitioners. SPA membership is a necessity for any practitioners using SCENAR and who holds the value of professional respect for knowledge, learning and growth.

The new SPA Board is very enthusiastic and promising to raise the bar of the SCENAR Profession – Michael, Kristine, Vera, Jessica, Christine and Mahmud.

Michael Butler demonstrated a new way to use SCENAR to achieve better and quicker results in treating this prevalent condition.

Mila Royal delivered a presentation about the universal applications of Dose 5 with practical and simple techniques for treating meridians and balance the energetic mental and emotional systems of the body.

The Conference finished after a Q&A session.

The next International Conference will be organised in Sydney in 2021 and we are looking forward to seeing you there!

The SCENAR Home User training was held on the last day of the Conference and we had forty-two attendees eager to learn how to use their Personal SCENAR devices. Dr. Peta Zafir ran the course and educated the home user about devices functions and controls and easy treatment techniques.

We would like to express our special thanks to Dr. Peta Zafir who help us enormously with the organisation of this Conference.

2019 SCENAR Conference only 4 weeks away

RITM Australia invites you to attend the 2019 SCENAR Professional Conference which is just 4 weeks away! 

The Conference will take place on the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of April 2019 at the Royal on the Park Hotel and Suits, Brisbane.

 The theme this year is “Quick and Easy Treatment techniques for Fast Pain Relief”, suitable for beginner and advanced SCENAR Practitioners.  

REGISTER for the Conference

Book now to confirm as registrations are closing soon. 



Become a member of the SCENAR Practitioners Association (SPA) to qualify for a Conference REBATE!

SPA is offering a $120 rebate for current Members of SPA or Pro Rata rate of $10 per month for newly signed up members since July 2018.

and $100 rebate for current Associate members of SPA or Pro Rata rate of $8 per month.

Please submit a copy of your conference fee receipt from RITM Australia and bank details to admin@scenarassociation.org.au.

If you are not a member yet – sign up NOW https://scenarassociation.org.au/join-now/  – you could still get up to a $50 rebate!


For busy Practitioners who cannot afford the time to attend the full Conference we are releasing days passes for $480 per day. 

The day pass includes: 

• Access to one day of the Conference

• Morning Tea

• Afternoon Tea

• Lunch

• Name Badge

• Certificate of Attendance


Please download the Conference Program here – DOWNLOAD CONFERENCE BROCHURE 

 Practical Workshop for SCENAR Home Users at the 2019 SCENAR Conference

Monday 8th of April, 2019 ; Cost $ 150

Royal on the Park Hotel and Suites, 152 Alice Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000

Dr Boris Kulizhsky and Dr Peta Zafir will be presenting a full day training, recapping the unique aspects on the SCENAR Personal Home Devices and adding more learning: such as how and where to place your device, with and without pads, Frequency Variation and Using your home device to support a variety of protocol and procedures.

The day will start with sign in at 8.30am and finish at 3:30pm. There will be 1 hour at the completion of the day for you to ask questions relating to personal conditions and situations.

Positions are very limited and booking need to be made ASAP.

Book Now – we are reaching the maximum number of attendees:


This is your opportunity to obtain a full understanding of How to Use your Home SCENAR Device: NOT TO BE MISSED.

One day Home User training – 8th of April 2018 inclusions:

• Access to the workshop on 8th of April

• Morning Tea

• Afternoon Tea

• Lunch

• Name Badge

• Hands outs

• SCENAR device check

• Conference product specials

• Certificate of Attendance

Register at https://www.scenar.com.au/conference-2019/conference-registration/


Conference Program

Conference Program

The energetic therapeutic application of D5 how to treat pain, application treatment of meridians with SCENAR and alarm points, an introduction to the energetic structure of the body.

A special opportunity to investigate the universal applications of the D5 and how to use the results to treat the energetic systems of the body with SCENAR algorithms. A mind opening presentation with practical simple techniques will discussed how to treat the meridians, balance the energetic mental and emotional systems of the body.

2 Physiotherapeutic application of SCENAR – this is a full course on the most common SCENAR Applications in a physiotherapy practice. It provides information about pain relief protocols that make quick difference in the patient condition. The course is appropriate for beginner and advanced SCENAR Practitioners and covers algorithm of therapy and procedures, treating the symmetries, Practical protocols for therapy of the spinal column, antiedematic protocol, Asymmetry of the lymphatic system, Myostimulation, Joint pain, Working with paired joints, Nerve root pain, Irradiation, Sacroiliac disease, Collar zone with split electrodes.

Stroke and Brain injuries

This session is to provide therapists with an insight into the main issues that arrive with both stroke victims and those who have suffered brain injuries & the differences between them.  We will look into how the Nervous System is subsequently affected and the various SCENAR Therapy techniques that can be used to substantially speed up their recovery.

Dose 5 application – the session is for Practitioners who own a Professional device with Dose 5 and those who are interested in Dose 5 application. The course will include theoretical and practical knowledge of how and when to use Dose 5, how to interpret the numbers and treatment protocols.

Complex Medical Histories: Musculoskeletal Imbalances – Cancer and a compromised Lymph System.

Simple musculoskeletal issues presenting in a multidisciplinary clinic environment are less common these days. Instead many people are presenting with a variety of problems. Cancer and a compromised lymph system being one of them.

We will briefly explore the function of the Lymph System. How after modern cancer Treatments these Lymph Pathways may have been compromised and how we can treat various pain Syndromes by integrating SCENAR Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage techniques.

We will explore some case studies and hands on practice, which will deepen your understanding of the drainage pathways and at the same time will make you realize the individuality of a person’s circumstances and therefore the importance of clinical professionalism.

Building Your Business Successfully

Many people whether entering business for the first time, be it a Complimentary Clinic, Massage Rooms or adding and extending their established place of work; may lack the day to day knowledge of how to establish administration setup, attracting clients, holding clients, keeping records and professionally retaining files. Coming from a strong background in business I simplify how you may initiate sound protocols that are efficient and practical, which will lead you to less hours for more money and with a work and lifestyle balance.

How do we structure treatment sessions effectively, what protocols to use when, the gift of 3+6

One of the most common questions I get asked by practitioners is: “What protocols do I need to treat xermatosis?” In my trainings I tell my students – don’t ever ask me that question! Firstly, we do not treat a dis-ease, secondly the client may have not been diagnosed correctly or fully, and most importantly we must follow what the body is telling us. In my presentation I will lay out a comprehensive guide for practitioners to help them further understand and follow the amazing intelligence of the body’s healing responses with protocol examples.

New Effective Techniques to Produce Fast Results Treating the Most Common Condition You Will see in Your Clinic – Back Pain!

This session will demonstrate and teach a new way to use SCENAR to achieve better and quicker results in treating this prevalent condition.   Attendees will be able to have hands-on experience in using the methods taught and go back to their clinics and immediately apply what they have learned.


New Conference Speaker


Mila Godwill graduated with BSc hons Brunel University London, is a trainer and lecturers’ courses by Dr Charles Krebs for Vida Kinesiology Spain. She teaches and uses scenar in a kinesiological environment in Spain as well as London. She is known for her love and compassion for sharing knowledge in energetic sciences to help others; attracting practitioners with vast array of skills all over the world. Her first SCENAR experience was in 2001 in London and acquired her SCENAR Pro in 2003 with level 1&2 training from RITM. Her experience involves working with medical Drs overseas, Japan, UAE, Taiwan, London and Sri Lanka. In 2007 she helped war victims in UAE with Drs of the WHO on a voluntary basis with the successful help of SCENAR and continues her passion to this day on projects around the world. Her wealth of hands on applied experience is a valuable contribution to the SCENAR team.

New SCENAR Videos added to our Training web site

We are pleased to announced that we added 16 new SCENAR videos to the SCENAR Training web site https://ritmscenar.com.au

Please login to your account and enjoy learning.

  1. How to use Dose 2 (2018 models)
  2. The 4 Vector technique – version 2  
  3. How to use the Multiple Belt Electrode
  4. How to use the ULM Blankets and Clothes
  5. How and when to use Dose 2 (2018 models)  
  6. ULM Blanket effectiveness for EMF Protection – simple test
  7. How to use the Y-Cosmetic Probe  
  8. How and when to use Dose 1 (2018 models)  
  9. How to use the shungitte plates electrodes  
  10. How to use the shungitte cylinders electrodes  
  11. How to use the pawns electrodes for neck and back pain
  12. How to use the silver electrode  
  13. How to use pads electrodes  
  14. How to switch ON/OFF settings  
  15. How to use the Dual Pole electrodes  
  16. How to use the Face electrodes  

ULM Blanket effectiveness – a simple test

ULM Blankets and clothes are designed to protect us form the harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) that are emitted by various equipment like mobile phones, wireless routers, microwaves, etc. EMF have been proven to be dangerous for our health and is connected to serious diseases such as cancer.

In this short video we demonstrate how the ULM Energy Blankets manufactured by RITM OKB ZAO provide protection against Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF). We use ELECTROSMOG METER, model ED78G to measure the radiation of a Wireless router. In RM Mode (high frequency measurement), the meter is put close to the router and shows up to 450mW/m2 and the three red LED are flashing, indicating very high EMF. An ULM mat (a small square made from the same materials as the ULM Energy Blankets) is placed between the router and the meter. Immediately the EMF drops to 0.9 – 1.5 mW/m2. This simple test demonstrates how effective are the ULM Energy Blankets and clothes for EMF protection.