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2016 SCENAR Conference in Bulgaria

We are pleased to inform our customers that the next International SCENAR Conference will be organized in beautiful Bulgaria.

Dates and Conference Program will be announced soon.

The European SCENAR Conference update

The European SCENAR Conference started in Austria!

Today is the first day of the European Conference on SCENAR therapy In Vienna. Our delegation is headed by ZAO OKB RITM general director Yury Starovoytov. He opened the conference with an opening speech.

Today the participants work in the common room where they can listen to the reports of the speakers. Yakov Grinberg who was RITM OKB ZAO general director prepared a report on the history of development of SCENAR divices, Michael Unakafov prepared the presentation about the secrets of efficiency of SCENAR devices. Professor Tarakanov spoke about the practical application of SCENAR therapy in clinical settings and its future development. 

The audience is looking forward to the reports of famous SCENAR therapists. Among them are Iosif Semikatov, Constantin Nikitin, Yuri Perfiliev, Natalia Loyko, Irina Kossovskaya, Georgiy Atanasov and Irina Ershova.

Though the conference is called European some participants came from different continents, for example North America.
The event is organized by RITM OKB ZAO (RU) with the help of RITMSCENAR OKB Inc (USA), RITM Europe s.r.o. (EU) and SCENAR Center Bulgaria. It is coincided with ZAO OKB RITM 35th anniversary.





Train the Trainer Seminar on the web

For those who are interested in becoming SCENAR Trainers, we have a good news!

The Train the Trainer Seminar which we organized in April in Sydney with the master SCENAR Practitioner and Trainer Dr. Iosif Semikatov is already uploaded on our training web site – www.ritmscenar.com.au.



4th Australasian SCENAR Therapy Conference – Summary


The 4th Australasian SCENAR Therapy Conference was a great success!


Speakers were from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, USA and of course Russia.

The Conference was hosted by the SCENAR Therapist Association Australasia and RITM Australia.

Elly Tomova, gave an overview of the Company activities, goals and new products. She stressed the importance of training of SCENAR and presented
the newly launched online SCENAR training web site.

Dr. Starovoytov welcomed the delegates, and Misha Unakafov presented features of the new Personal SCENAR devices.

SCENAR Expertise and Prognosis workshop was delivered by Dr. Semikatov. Typically for Dr. Semikatov, his lecture was structured, methodical and easy to understand. His experience as a SCENAR doctor and trainer brought a new level of understanding about the technology.

Dr. Iveta Ioncheva-Barehmi spoke about Holistic Dentistry and presented a practical approach to dental techniques with SCENAR.

Excellent presentations on the Immune System, and Chronic Stress and the Autonomic Nervous System were delivered by the famous Dr. Irina Kossioavskaya.

Dr. Jorg Prinz provided a stimulating and inspiring talk on SCENAR Applications with regards to symptoms.

During the Conference, trainers were assessed and certified to provide Training on Professional RITM SCENAR devices according to the original Russian Protocols.

Joyce McSwan, a local pain management expert, provided some provoking views on Persistent Pain.

To add some “outside the box” presentations, Rob Santich presented his experience with using SCENAR and herbal medicine as a complete approach.

Dr. Starovoytov showed the use of the new personal SCENAR devices and the silver electrode and revealed that the bio function is very effective in cosmetology. In recognition of their 35 year Anniversary RITM OKB and RITM Australia gave away new devices and the new silver electrode at the Gala Dinner.

Adam Gibson provided his expert advice on how to get the most from your business and practical marketing tips.

Complex cases studies were discussed and assessed in groups followed by expert advices and debates.

One of the most popular sessions was a new Meridian Stretch technique with SCENAR developed and presented by Toshio Kobayashi.

We look forward to seeing you at the next SCENAR Conference in Vienna.



Level 2 SCENAR Seminar, North Brisbane

Level 2 SCENAR Professional Training Course in North Brisbane


Our new online SCENAR Training web site – www.ritmscenar.com.au

We are pleased to inform you that RITM Australia has recently moved the online SCENAR training to a new web site – www.ritmscenar.com.au. We have uploaded several training courses for users of Professional and Personal devices and will keep adding specialist training courses i the near future.

If you have had a subscription in the www.scenarinstitute.org in the past, please send us the following information:

  1. Your name
    2. SCENAR Device model
    3. SCENAR Device serial number
    4. Where did you purchase your device from?

and we will email you instructions how to register to the new web training for free.

SCENAR devices online training

  • Comprehensive Online training for Professional and Home users of SCENAR devices
  • Dedicated forum for each Training Course
  • One year unlimited access


Emotional Detox with the bioSCENAR video

This video demonstrates a quick and efficient technique with the bioSCENAR and silver electrode for emotional relieve.

The protocol is presented by Dr Irina Kossovskaia, MD, Phd, DNM, Canada and Sarah Cutler, SCENAR and Occupational Therapist, Australia.



Level 1 SCENAR Seminar, North Brisbane

Level 1 SCENAR Professional Training Course in North Brisbane


Level 1 SCENAR Professional Training Course in Cowes, VIC

We are organizing a Level 1 SCENAR Professional Training Course in Cowes, Victoria.

Training: Level 1 SCENAR 2 days live seminar

Bhavani Rooks,
Certified Scenar Practitioner®
28 The Concourse
Cowes VIC 3922
Tel: 03 5952 5686
email: [email protected]

Location and Venue : 28 The Concourse, Cowes VIC 3922

Dates:  Saturday 9th and Saturday 16th  of May 9:00-5pm

Prices:  $1200 incl GST for new SCENAR device owner,

$600 for repeating Level 1 Training.

$35 – Printed Level 1 Manual

Please contact us or Bhavani for more details or to book the training.

Level 1 SCENAR Professional Training Course in Melbourne

We are organizing a Level 1 SCENAR Professional Training Course in Melbourne.

Training: Level 1 SCENAR 2 days live seminar

Vincent P. Bowyer,
Certified Scenar Practitioner®
Naturopath, RM.
150 Hunter Street, Lismore East, NSW 2480
Tel: 6622 6966,  0418 252 820.
email: [email protected]

Location and Venue : The Mantra Tullamarine Hotel, cnr Melrose & Trade Park Drives, Tullamarine

Dates:   Saturday 2nd to Sunday 3rd of May 9:00-5pm

Prices:  $1200 incl GST for new SCENAR device owner,

$600 for repeating Level 1 Training.

$35 – Printed Level 1 Manual

Please contact us or Vincent for more details or to book the training.