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SCENAR Conference Summary

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Las Vegas, 25th – 28th of September 2014 


The International Conference “Practical Applications of SCENAR” hosted by RITM OKB ZAO and RITMSCENAR OKB Inc. took place in Las Vegas from 25th to 28th of September. This significant event drew together wide array of speakers and more than 80 SCENAR practitioners and distributors from around the world.

Day one and two featured presentations from American, Russian, Australian and New Zealand doctors and practitioners. The speakers presented SCENAR scientific reports, practical treatment techniques and successful case studies from their chiropractic, physiotherapy, dental and paediatrician practices. The brilliant presentation of Dr. Jorg Prinz from New Zealand brought serious discussions about the quality of the Russian research papers. Dr. Yury Starovoytov, the General Manager of RITM OKB acknowledged these issues. It was decided that Dr. Jorg Prinz would work in close collaboration with the Russian doctors for selecting and publishing the Russian research.

Several workshops were organized during the last two days of the Conference – Level  1 Professional training, Advanced SCENAR Expertise, Train the Trainer and Sales training for SCENAR distributors. RITM OKB ZAO launched their new Certification system for trainers during the Train the Trainer Course and certified new SCENAR trainers from around the world. SCENAR Training is going to become more accessible and cost effective.

RITM OKB ZAO introduced the new Director of RITMSCENAR OKB Inc – Mr. Ilya Marder who will be responsible for market development in America. There was huge interest in distributing SCENAR devices in America and many distribution contracts were signed during the Conference. Mr. Marder can be contacted on
Tel (USA): +1 (347) 464-8880
Fax (USA): +1 (347) 706-4210
e-Mail: ilya@eltechus.com
Skype: ilyam13

The famous Dr. Irina Kossovskaia who was first to introduce the RITMSCENAR in America also attended the Conference and presented Pain-less face, neck and breast lift with SCENAR. She is back on board with RITM OKB and is assisting them in market development and training on the US and Canadian markets.

Dr. Yury Starovoytov showed the new RITMSCENAR devices specifically designed for the American market as well as their new silver face electrode.

The event ended with an informal banquet and raffle. The lucky participants won SCENAR probes and devices.

The Conference was video recording and reports can be provided upon request. Please contact us if you would like to have the reports. The Conference video will be available end of October.

The next International SCENAR conference will be held in Australia and hosted by the SCENAR Therapists Association Australasia. Dates are already fixed – 17th of April – 20th of April 2015, location – Gold Coast, QLD. So more information please visit – https://scenar.org.au/

Two more SCENAR Conferences are planned – one in Austria (spring 2015) and the other in Mexico (autumn 2015).