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RITMSCENAR Personal devices

  1. Paul Francis Mongi

    I read an overview about SCENAR and that among many illnesses it also heals people with diabetes mellitus. I am one sufferer of diabetes mellitus (Type 2) and I would like to purchase a personal device for pain relief (neuropathy of the wrists and legs) as well as other disorders associated with diabates mellitus, as well as completely heal myself of it.

    I would also like to become a distributor of your products.

    I live in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, which lies along the coast of the Indian Ocean in East Africa. Diabetes mellitus has claimed MANY LIVES in Tanzania as well as leaving scores amputated of their lower limbs (mostly), thus reducing significantly their productivity,

    If this modern miracle of medical science can work, why shouldnt people have it, especially putting into consideration that it enhances the body’s own healing abilities, as was developed by Russians for their cosmonauts?

    Let us move forward with this. Thousands need this therapy! Hundreds of thousands! Millions in Africa and elsewhere!

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