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RITM OKB ZAO was given a title of the Honored Member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. The respective resolution was signed by the Chairman of the Management Board of the Chamber S.N. Katyrin.


As stated in the resolution, our company is honored for the “significant impact in the economic development of the Rostov region”.
This is already second title of honor we received this year. This spring, during the Fifth Economic Forum that took place in Yalta, RITM OKB ZAO received a prestigious regional award and became the Exporter of the Year in the nomination of Export in the high tech sphere for small and medium businesses.

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The all-Russian massage contest sponsored by RITM OKB ZAO took place in Krasnodar.

The winner received a professional SCENAR device, which has proven its efficiency for pain relief using conductive gloves.

The prize was presented to the winner by RITM OKB ZAO’s executive director Igor Rakevich.

Before the contest all participants attended a presentation about SCENAR devices, where Boris Kulizhskiy, physiologist and specialist in bio-controlled therapy, spoke of the history of creation and advantages of SCENAR technology, as well as SCENAR therapy techniques.

ITM OKB ZAO’s stand was extremely busy during all four days of the biggest international medical expo MEDICA 2019 that took place in German Dusseldorf.

RITM demonstrated the new model line of SCENAR devices and ULM healing blanket and clothes, consulted the visitors regarding the use of innovative operating modes and performed SCENAR treatments.


Among many other attendees, our stand was visited by the representatives of medical centers and clinics and medical device distributors from around the world. 
The Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Germany Andrei Sobolev was interested to learn about our products. MEDICA is the leading international medical expo with over 40 years of history. This year it took place from November 18 to 21 and hosted more than 5000 exhibitors from more than 60 countries, including manufacturers, sellers, and representatives of clinics, hospitals, and research organizations.
The Russian Trade Representative in Germany Andrei Sobolev (second from the right)

RITM OKB ZAO successfully participated in the Third International Industrial Expo that took place in Hanoi.

Before this event no one has heard of SCENAR in Vietnam. The device which is able to replace the physio therapeutic treatment and home first aid kit, and compete with drug painkillers attracted boatloads of attention. SCENAR team was busy all days long, barely having time to take pictures of the groups of interested visitors.Our colleagues shared a lot of information about the SCENAR technology, the attendees listened carefully, asked numerous questions and some of them even tried to use the device on their own.

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Our stand was visited by the Russian Ambassador to Vietnam Konstantin Vnukov and the First Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation Sergey Tsyb.
The officials of Vietnam and Russia promised their support and cooperation in registration process and search for business partners.

Our Deputy Director for Foreign Affairs Marina Gdalevich had a speech during the round table that was dedicated to the Russian-Vietnamese cooperation in medical sphere. We have signed the agreement of intent with one of the Vietnamese companies.

 It can be stated that we have strong perspectives for future cooperation in Vietnam and we hope to see certain results soon.

Many clients have been misled to think that Physiokey and Sanakey are the latest SCENAR devices, made in Germany. The truth is that the former RITM OKB’s distributor in Germany tried to reproduce a year 2000 model RITM SCENAR and released it on the market in 2015, using the established brand name SCENAR. The so called Key series devices are not researched clinically and their CE Mark is based on the conventional TENS and SCENAR trials. 

Since then RITM OKB have published numerous materials (links to these publications are below) advising that they are not associated with these products as well as proving that Physiokey and Sanakey technically do not incorporate SCENAR technology.

The latest publication by RITM OKB ZAO explains very well the major difference between the genuine SCENAR and all its analogues – the Transformer. This is the key component that produces the SCENAR signal and which makes the SCENAR therapy so effective and so unique. The transformers built into the RITM SCENAR devices are manually adjusted and fine-tuned to the right sensitivity of the human skin and this procedure is the most expensive element of all RITM SCENAR devices.

All other devices that claim to be SCENAR use cheap mass-production transformers that cannot be adjusted at all. Such an approach simplifies and reduces the products costs, but as result of using this part, the SCENAR signal is deformed and therefore the device is providing little or no therapeutic effect. The image below shows a Physiokey motherboard with a regular, non-adjustable transformer – the part located just above the LCD.


Apart from the transformer, there are numerous other technical problems (which are not as critical as the transformer but very important for the safety and efficacy of the therapy) found in the copy-cat devices such as the lithium battery, energy strength, LCD, electrode port, case material, etc.

It is important to note that RITM OKB ZAO has 5 full time employed engineers in their Research &  Development Department for new devices, who conduct function  and firmware research and development. 20 full time employees are responsible for the technical and documentary support, and quality control. Over 100 medical doctors in Russia and overseas are involved  in development of new treatment protocols, conduct clinical trials and training. RITM OKB ZAO undergoes two audits per year to maintain the ISO, CE, FDA, TGA Certifications. These are all huge ongoing investments for the development of SCENAR technology that none of the copy-cat device manufacturers invest in their products.

The history of SCENAR product development  is shown in the chart below to provide more information about the Genuine RITM SCENAR devices and copies.








The 53rd International medical exhibition Medical week successfully took its place in Baden-Baden, Germany. This year it hosted such companies as AIRNERGY international GmbH, AMS GmbH Advanced Medical Systems, Labor Dr. Bayer im synlab MVZ Leinfelden GmbH, Biomedicine Trading GmbH, etc.

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 Overall, there were more than 200 companies represented, including, the medical research laboratories from the majority of European countries.
This is already the third Medical Week in which RITM OKB ZAO is taking participation along with other well-known companies. Our products attracted interest of not only guests, but also business partners.
It is obvious that the awareness of German society of SCENAR grows every year. There are more and more SCENAR users and thankful customers visiting our booth every year eager to learn about new device features and developments in SCENAR therapy.
In Baden-Baden we received a lot of positive, sometimes even fantastic feedback on SCENAR devices. Many people also highly rated the ULM products, saying that they do a great job in relaxation.
Besides the exhibition itself, there were more than 300 seminars and lectures that took place in Medical Week.


November 2nd from  8.45 – 12.45

SCENAR –is non invasive/drug free pain relief

  • Learn to use your device more effectively
  • Understand what SCENAR Therapy is
  • Review of online training.
  • Understand basic guidelines of use/ settings/ frequencies
  • Learn about Point of Pain and General Zone treatments

The course is for first time owners of a Personal SCENAR device and provides a relaxed informal hands-on introductory training session to help you become more confident using your SCENAR device. 

 The 4-hour Personal Device Training and Familiarisation Workshop will provide you with new skills and a deeper understanding of SCENAR Technology .

$100/ person or couples  $150 /morning tea included.

Manuela King, Authorised SCENAR Trainer

About the trainer: Manuela King is a level 3 accredited trainer with RITM Australia and the trainer for WA. Places are limited. Location TBA/ Mundaring Hills area

Bookings : [email protected]   phone 0457078897

We are pleased to advise that we received the first delivery of SCENAR®-Vertebra. It is an amazing product suitable for Home Users as well as Professionals.

To learn more about its features please click HERE

RITM OKB ZAO gained an access to the Israeli medical device market—one of the largest in the Middle East. Their medical device application for SCENAR devices – both Professional and Personal – have been recently approved by AMAR, the Israeli Ministry of Health.

SCENAR is now available in Israel and we hope many people will benefit from this extraordinary technology for non-drug pain relief.

The newest RITM SCENAR technology incorporating biocontrolled feedback (bioF, bioInt and bioGap) is now patented in the United States!

The patent application No. 15778519 “METHOD OF ADAPTIVE ELECTRIC ACTION ON A LIVING ORGANISM (VARIANTS)” (authors Y.Z. Grinberg, Y.Y. Starovoytov, M.A. Unakafov) has received a positive decision!
This ensures the protection of the Russian patent No.2645923 from December 1st, 2015, in the United States.


The latest development in SCENAR – BioFrequency, bioGap and bioIntensity, incorporated in the 2018 SCENAR models – are now protected with an US patent.

These fully automatic functions provide real time interaction between the device and the user. The Frequency, Gap and Intensity change according to the body’s reaction which is a whole new level of electrical stimulation.

The Bio-adaptive modes are significantly more effective for chronic and acute pain.