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What is SCENAR – a short video explaining SCENAR by RITM OKB ZAO

RITM OKB ZAO – the patent holder and leader in developing and manufacturing SCENAR device presets this short video, explaining what is SCENAR and how does it work.

NEW SCENAR Sport D device

RITM OKB ZAO introduced a new SCENAR Sport D device. The new device supports all the previous functions such as Dose 1 and 2 Modes, AM and FM, but the two presets P1 and P2 are improved and timed as well as the case is blue.

SCENAR Sport D 2021

The Preset 1 – called ACU (for Acute complaints) incorporates four phases of treatment – 1st phase is bioGap, bioInt and bioFrequency, 2nd phase is Low Frequency, 3rd phase is Medium Frequency and the 4th phase is High Frequency.

The Preset 2 – called SYS (for Systemic complaints) incorporates three phases of treatment – 1st phase is High Frequency, 2nd phase is Medium Frequency, 3rd phase is Low Frequency.

The duration of each preset can be changed from 1min to 29 min. The duration of each phase cannot be changed manually, it is calculated by the device and changed automatically.

The presets are modified in order to provide a fully automatic treatment for acute, chronic and systemic conditions. They can be used with the device built -in electrode, or any other electrode, including pads.

The devices are available in stock in Australia.