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Dose 5 – Professional Course

D5 or Dose 5 is the mode accessed on the SCENAR Professional devices that measure and assess the reaction/responsiveness of the bodies meridians. In this SCENAR D5 course you will learn how take readings on your SCENAR professional devices that have the D5 mode.

You will also learn:

  • The 24 meridian points on where to take the readings.
  • How to correctly take the readings.
  • How to deduce the readings from the SCENAR meridian readings from the SCENAR Display Graph and table.
  • Recommended treatments from SCENAR training.
  • You will also learn how to integrate Dose 5 into your practice.
  • Which areas to treat.
  • How to accelerate chronic symptoms that could need meridian balance.

Dates to be advised depending on numbers & COVID 19 updates. 

Live training @ Gold Coast

2 Days $990 or 1 days $590


Mila Godwill BSc (Hons) AJP Dip Sp GD 

With over 15 years experience in SCENAR and Specialised Kinesiology.

Has lectured London UK, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, UAE, other parts of the world.  Her wealth of experience includes helping war victims children’s and families on a voluntary basis during 2007. 

SCENAR RITM OKB trained by Dr Irina Ershova, Dr Boris Kulizhskiy, Dr Jor Prinz

New Webinars for Professional SCENAR Users

We are pleased to introduce new series of Zoom Webinars for SCENAR Professional Users.

Run by Dr. Jorg Prinz, the webinars are a valuable resource for all SCENAR Practitioners to refresh their knowledge and learn new information and developments in the SCENAR field.

Each webinar is designed to provide information on the topic as well have time for Q&A. 1 point for Professional development can be claimed for each webinar.

SPA members enjoy a discount of 50% ($25 per webinar), while the price for non members is $50.

Please find below the webinar dates, time and description.

Please contact us for more information.

27th August 20206pm Sydney timeImprovement Reaction or Healing Crisis  Although rare, healing crisis do happen. It is both stressful for patients and practitioners alike. We discuss: – Legal and ethical concerns – Who is likely to get a strong improvement reaction and how to treat such a client to avoid it in the first place? – The nocebo and placebo effect in SCENAR therapy – How to encourage to come again when they experience a strong improvement reaction – Treatment protocols for strong healing crisis – When to call for back-up  
10th of September 20206pm Sydney timeHow to treat a disease with SCENAR  Just because every so often the question des pop up  We discuss: – What is a disease in medical terminology? – Importance of knowledge of anatomy and physiology – Importance of knowing energy in and around the body – Know the pathophysiology (roughly) and you know where and how to treat a client with SCENAR – Influence of the mind on disease and healing – What do we treat with SCENAR – The importance of General Zones and the settings  
24th of September 20206pm Sydney timeHow to explain patients what SCENAR practitioners do  We discus:
– Patient approach -Symptoms vs disease – Balancing the body – Parametrical resonance – Changing body balance – Pain relief and anti-inflammation

If you can’t make it on the webinar dates, do not worry! All webinars will be rerecorded and a link with the video recording will be sent to you to download.

We welcome your ideas for future webinar topics! 

Dr. Med. Jorg Prinz

SCENAR Trainer, CSP, Medical Doctor, PhD Immunotherapy of Cancer, Holistic Medicine, Psycho-Neuro-Immunology, Energy Medicine

Integrating SCENAR Therapy with other modalities like Acupuncture, EAV, Oxygen Multistep Therapy, NLP, EFT, NutriEnergetics for the improvement of chronic disease

SCENAR Coaching Program for Professionals

The SCENAR Coaching Program has been developed to support individuals and businesses on treatment strategies, discuss the latest SCENAR techniques and providing ongoing professional support.

The program will be available to SCENAR practitioners:

  • Trained Level 1, 2 or 3 and Home Device Users;
  • Committed to providing their clients best in class experience;
  • Driven to build and grow a successful business;
  • Have an open mind and understand the importance of continuously learning;
  • Willingness to invest in themselves.

The benefits will include

  • Access to an expert to ask and discuss topics;
  • Sharing of latest and experimental techniques and protocols;
  • Business best practices, recommendations and ideas;
  • Discuss protocols to best meet your client needs;
  • Optimisation of treatments.

SCENAR Coaching Programme costs $120 a month; SPA Members $100 a month; and full payment is required before commencement.

SCENAR Coaching includes:

  • Weekly –          1 x 15 mins call  
  • Fortnightly –     an additional 1 x 20 min Face to Face Online Meeting
  • Monthly –         an additional 1 x 35 mins Group Online Meeting

All of the most successful individuals and businesses in the world have demonstrated the importance of having their “power” team around them, their coaches who support them in delivering their mission. This program provides the success needed in delivering your SCENAR goals.

Dr Peta Zafir
CEO of SCENAR Australasian Therapists
Head Therapist and Owner of Coolum Therapy Clinic.
Australasian SCENAR Trainer specialising in Complex Multifaceted Health and Pain
Qualifications in Naturopath, D.Ed., Counsellor, Reflexologist; Internationally Certified NES Practitioner, AIM Health Coach.
Author, Public Speaker