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SCENAR registered with AMAR, the Israeli Ministry of Health

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RITM OKB ZAO gained an access to the Israeli medical device market—one of the largest in the Middle East. Their medical device application for SCENAR devices – both Professional and Personal – have been recently approved by AMAR, the Israeli Ministry of Health.

SCENAR is now available in Israel and we hope many people will benefit from this extraordinary technology for non-drug pain relief.

US Patent protects the RITM SCENAR IP

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The newest RITM SCENAR technology incorporating biocontrolled feedback (bioF, bioInt and bioGap) is now patented in the United States!

The patent application No. 15778519 “METHOD OF ADAPTIVE ELECTRIC ACTION ON A LIVING ORGANISM (VARIANTS)” (authors Y.Z. Grinberg, Y.Y. Starovoytov, M.A. Unakafov) has received a positive decision!
This ensures the protection of the Russian patent No.2645923 from December 1st, 2015, in the United States.


The latest development in SCENAR – BioFrequency, bioGap and bioIntensity, incorporated in the 2018 SCENAR models – are now protected with an US patent.

These fully automatic functions provide real time interaction between the device and the user. The Frequency, Gap and Intensity change according to the body’s reaction which is a whole new level of electrical stimulation.

The Bio-adaptive modes are significantly more effective for chronic and acute pain.

New opportunities for SCENAR in Israel

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RITM OKB ZAO successfully registered the SCENAR trademark in Israel this month. The trademark is registered in class 10 and class 44 and will give RITM great opportunities for promoting their brilliant technology in Israel.

Congratulations RITM!