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New SCENAR Videos added to our Training web site

We are pleased to announced that we added 16 new SCENAR videos to the SCENAR Training web site https://ritmscenar.com.au

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  1. How to use Dose 2 (2018 models)
  2. The 4 Vector technique – version 2  
  3. How to use the Multiple Belt Electrode
  4. How to use the ULM Blankets and Clothes
  5. How and when to use Dose 2 (2018 models)  
  6. ULM Blanket effectiveness for EMF Protection – simple test
  7. How to use the Y-Cosmetic Probe  
  8. How and when to use Dose 1 (2018 models)  
  9. How to use the shungitte plates electrodes  
  10. How to use the shungitte cylinders electrodes  
  11. How to use the pawns electrodes for neck and back pain
  12. How to use the silver electrode  
  13. How to use pads electrodes  
  14. How to switch ON/OFF settings  
  15. How to use the Dual Pole electrodes  
  16. How to use the Face electrodes  

ULM Blanket effectiveness – a simple test

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ULM Blankets and clothes are designed to protect us form the harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) that are emitted by various equipment like mobile phones, wireless routers, microwaves, etc. EMF have been proven to be dangerous for our health and is connected to serious diseases such as cancer.

In this short video we demonstrate how the ULM Energy Blankets manufactured by RITM OKB ZAO provide protection against Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF). We use ELECTROSMOG METER, model ED78G to measure the radiation of a Wireless router. In RM Mode (high frequency measurement), the meter is put close to the router and shows up to 450mW/m2 and the three red LED are flashing, indicating very high EMF. An ULM mat (a small square made from the same materials as the ULM Energy Blankets) is placed between the router and the meter. Immediately the EMF drops to 0.9 – 1.5 mW/m2. This simple test demonstrates how effective are the ULM Energy Blankets and clothes for EMF protection.