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Release of the 2018 RITM SCENAR® devices – information and prices

We are happy to inform you that the new 2018 RITM SCENAR® devices are now available in stock.

All 2018 Professional and Personal SCENAR® models incorporate new features and modes, making the SCENAR® treatment easier, quicker and more effective.

RITM OKB ZAO have proven once again to be the leader in manufacturing SCENAR devices and the only Company in the world capable of innovation and development of the SCENAR® technology.

While still in preparation of the Australian User’s manuals and Training materials, and waiting for the next firmware release, we are pleased to offer generous discounts and products packages.

We are releasing 3 x Professional and 3 x Personal devices with the following new features:

Personal devices additional functions:

  • Dose mode 1 (Stabile) – the device delivers individually dosed stimulation as well as automatically evaluates the skin for optimal treatment positions;
  • Dose Mode 2 (Labile) – In this mode the SCENAR continually measures and compares the reaction of the skin while the operator is moving the device and indicates where are the most optimal treatment areas.

Professional Devices additional functions:

  • Colour LCD display;
  • Dose 4 – similar to Dose 2 mode in the personal devices, but the LCD provides numerical and graphical information of the rate change of the IR;
  • Pre-sets – all Professional devices now come with different number of presets according to the model;
  • Dose 5 (bioSCENAR only) is now a standard function in the device;

Limited offer

Until we develop the user’s manuals as well as the new firmware release is ready, we arepleased to offer the following prices and packages:

Device/PackagePrice AUD

BioSCENAR® v2 package – includes: bioSCENAR® v2, SCENAR Sport D*, 1 free firmware update*, 1 year Practitioner online training course.

  SCENAR® Pro C package – includes: SCENAR® Pro C, Basic electrode kit, 1 free firmware update*, 1 year Practitioner online training course$2800
SCENAR® Pro Essential – includes:  SCENAR Pro Essential, 1 free firmware update*, 1 year Practitioner online training course$1350
 SCENAR® Sport D package – includes: SCENAR® Sport D, Belt electrode, 1 year Home User online training$990
  SCENAR® Sport package – includes: SCENAR® Sport, Pads and Leads, 1 year Home User online training$690
 SCENAR® Home package – includes: SCENAR Home8, Pads and Leads, 1 year Home User online training $550

* The old version of the SCENAR® Sport D;

* The new firmware for the Professional devices will be available sometimes in November/December and it will include additional features. The upgrade of the sold devices will be done during the 2019 SCENAR® Conference in March/April. The training materials will be available sometimes in November/December 2018.

* The new SCENAR® Home and SCENAR® Sport will be available in stock late October 2018. All other new devices are in stock.