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SCENAR Therapy – PhD thesis and research

The first in Europe PhD thesis in the field of SCENAR therapy.

On 29th of June, after several years of research of applying SCENAR therapy method, Dr. Carlos Udina Carlos Udina Cortes presented his PhD Thesis ‘Effects of neuroadaptive regulation therapy on central sensizitation’.

The presentation took place at the Department of Physiotherapy, Occupational Medicine, Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine of the University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, Spain.

In terms of the research, randomized double blind placebo controlled study of application of SCENAR therapy in patients with fibromyalgia had been conducted. The research produced statistically significant results in pain relief and reduced fibromyalgia symptoms.

As far as we are aware this PhD thesis is the first in Europe, based on the studies of SCENAR device application. The results of this research will widen the list of indications for SCENAR devices.

With all the warmth of our hearts, we congratulate Dr. Carlos Udina for the successful presentation of his PhD thesis and wish him every success in his future scientific endeavors!

We will publish the research as soon as it becomes available in English language.


A few SCENAR Practitioners have come together to discuss an exciting new SCENAR PRACTITIONERS ASSOCIATION! 

The paperwork has been lodged for registration and name. A website is about to be built and a set-up board of members has come together to kick this off.

We want this ASSOCIATION to be active, informative, supportive and foster a professional hub where client enquirers can be realised into referrals to qualified and competent practitioners.

The Association will BE ACTIVE in:

• hosting workshops,

• delivering webinars,

• having access to a ZOOM account for Practitioner discussions on various issues or use for networking and support

• publishing regular newsletters that is member contributed,

• having a Facebook page, and

• benefiting members with professional discounts from RITM Australia – to mention just a few activities discussed so far.

This will be YOUR Association and it will be up to you to be involved, share knowledge and build a strong community. This is the first step in moving forward to have SCENAR profession accredited with the government in future plans to be a registered training organisation.

Watch for the next newsletter that will announce the BIRTH of the SCENAR PRACTITIONERS ASSOCIATION and Memberships will be opening very shortly.

RITM Australia will support the new Association and their initiatives.