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All-Russian SCENAR Conference, Sochi, 6-12 June 2016

All-Russian SCENAR Conference devoted to effective methods of pain management.

The six days SCENAR Conference in Sochi focused on effective methods for pain management with SCENAR. Russian doctors, oncologists, pediatricians, neurologists, physiotherapists presented reports, successful case studies and shared their experience with SCENAR technology.

With over 90 delegates from Russia, 1000 online participants from around the world and great media coverage in the Russian TV and newspapers, the Conference is regarded to be one of the most successful events in 2106.


Among the speakers and Trainers were:

Victor Zaderin MD, oncologist, urologist, professor of Research Institute of oncology (Rostov-on-Don) 

Yury Perfiliev MD, pediatrist, Candidate of Medical Sciences, assistant professor of pediatric department of the Advanced Training Faculty of RSMU (Rostov-on-Don) 

Vladimir Lopatko MD, neurologist, SCENAR therapist (Nizhniy Tagil)

Irina Ershova MD, therapist, SCENAR therapist (Moscow) 

Iosif Semikatov MD, therapist, SCENAR therapist (Ekaterinburg) 

Roma Fadeev, Orthodontist , MD,

Irina Kholmogorova, Gynaecologist , Reflexologist, Candidate of Sciences

Tatiana Borovets, MD –the first doctor who introduced cranio therapy with SCENAR
There were several training programme during the Conference for beginner and advanced users of RITM SCENAR Professional devices as well as practical workshops.
For the first time a SCENAR Conference was live broadcasted for those who were not able to attend. Links to the recorded videos published at RITM OKB Training web site – https://www.scenarwebtraining.ru/


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