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Our new online SCENAR Training web site – www.ritmscenar.com.au

We are pleased to inform you that RITM Australia has recently moved the online SCENAR training to a new web site – www.ritmscenar.com.au. We have uploaded several training courses for users of Professional and Personal devices and will keep adding specialist training courses i the near future.

If you have had a subscription in the www.scenarinstitute.org in the past, please send us the following information:

  1. Your name
    2. SCENAR Device model
    3. SCENAR Device serial number
    4. Where did you purchase your device from?

and we will email you instructions how to register to the new web training for free.

SCENAR devices online training

  • Comprehensive Online training for Professional and Home users of SCENAR devices
  • Dedicated forum for each Training Course
  • One year unlimited access