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2015 Australian Pain Society Brisbane

We are very happy to report a great success for SCENAR at the 2015 Australian Pain Society Conference in Brisbane.

This event brought together top pain specialists from all over Australia and the world to collaborate and focus on PAIN and the best outcomes for patients suffering acute and chronic pain.

Exhibitors ranged from Big pharmaceutical companies with their pain medications, Neuro spinal stimulators, ultrasound technologies, pain clinics, and radio frequency techniques.

We were uniquely positioned as a non-drug, non-invasive treatment option for people in acute and chronic pain. SCENAR was well received at this conference and many had not heard of this technology.

Sally Dymond from The Body Specialist together with Vincent Bowyer and Anna Heiskari have been demonstrating SCENAR Therapy on physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pain specialists and nurse practitioners. Everyone noticed significant pain reduction immediately and were enthusiastic about how this technology could be implemented into their system for their patients.

The future is bright for SCENAR and for the therapists, doctors, physiotherapists whom embrace this treatment for their patients and themselves. It was certainly exciting to watch the crowd develop from the first day of the conference to the last day.  With each success story with SCENAR it won’t be long till the medical community has no choice but to look at SCENAR as a treatment modality that works on acute and chronic pain.  

Specials thanks to Sally, Vincent and Anna for their great job during t he Conference.