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SCENAR Training “Not Rapid Response”

Venue: SEBEL Hotel, Chatswood, Sydney

Date: 12th of April 2015

Duration: 1 day workshop, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Trainer: Vincent Bowyer

Price: $250 – catering is not included

Course Outline:

It is to be a workshop focused on those chronic conditions that need careful assessment, planning and handling.  How do we create strategies for long-term treatment of patients who have debilitating chronic disease? What strategies can we develop and implement to keep us on track and to keep the patient coming back.

The workshop will be about strategic planning and client management.  We will look at specific examples including scoliosis, Hashimoto’s, and others. We will also explore useful treatment protocols and techniques.

Vincent Bowyer bio

Vincent_BVincent Bowyer, a complimentary health practitioner since 2002, runs a very successful pain and recovery clinic in Lismore, and now with the added modality of Naturopathy, continues to help people find relief from pain, leading to a more vibrant and healthy life.

Vincent was involved in the formation of the SCENAR Therapist Association of Australasia Inc. in 2007. Elected as its inaugural President; he has held that position for over 7 years. He designed and developed the world’s highest professional standard for SCENAR practitioners, which is the CSP® designation. Vincent continues to passionately seek unity and collaboration among SCENAR associations across the globe.

Initially trained by Australia’s Chris Mortensen, Vincent has attended master classes under Prof. Alexander Tarakanov, Prof. Alexander Revenko and Dr. Galina Subottina.  By special invitation he participated in the international SCENAR trainers forum in Switzerland led by Prof. Revenko, which included SCENAR practitioners from Europe, Africa, Australia and North America.

Vincent has trained and continues to train practitioners in the science and art of SCENAR, not only across Australia, but also in New Zealand, Norfolk Island and Bahrain.

SCENAR Train the Trainer

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Venue: SEBEL Hotel, Chatswood, Sydney

Date: 13th and 14th of April 2015

Duration: 2 days seminar, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Trainer: Iosif Semikatov, MD

Price: $250 – catering is not included

Course Outline: This course is designed for advanced SCENAR practitioners who would like to extend their career in teaching Level 1 Professional Training. Dr Semikatov will cover parts of Level 1 training that were always difficult to explain by trainers- theoretical concepts and holistic principles of SCENAR Therapy, responses form patients and practitioners, Individually Dosed Mode and it’s parameters, ULM Energy blankets, etc. An extended Questions and Answer session with Dr. Semikatov on the second day will provide more clarity of the material in Level 1.

Dr. Semikatov is for the first time in Sydney and after the seminar he will travel to the Gold Coast for the SCENAR Conference.

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Dr. Iosif Semikatov bio

Dr SemikatovDr. Semikatov – one of the leading Russian SCENAR Therapists with twenty years of experience as a family doctor, cardiologist and intensivist. Since the year 1995 he has gained a great deal of practical experience and impressive results of SCENAR therapy applications. Not only is he a Master of SCENAR Therapy, but he is also an accomplished SCENAR instructor who brings an entertaining as well as practical approach to his classes.

SCENAR and Aesthetic Training with Dr. Irina in Sydney

SCENAR and Aesthetic Seminar

Venue: SEBEL Hotel, Chatswood, Sydney

Date: 11th of April 2015

Duration: 1 day seminar

Trainer: Irina Kossovskaia, MD, PhD, DNM

Price: $300

Course Outline: „SCENAR and AESTETICS“ is a program for those who would like to let their natural beauty shine and turn back the clock looking and feeling 10 or more years younger. You will learn what really makes us beautiful – and how to reveal it in the most quick, natural, and pleasant way. Age-reversal tips and tricks; sacred geometry of the human body; secrets of the face; fun anti-aging exercises; and, of course, effective SCENAR protocols for aestetics and vitality, including the famous „Cinderella Beauty Treatment“ – all these in one full day seminar that will make you feel young, joyful, and beautiful again – on the inside and on the outside.

Course Program: Please download here

Dr. Irina bio
Irina BWIrina Kossovskaia, MD, PhD, DNM is a former Russian eye surgeon and Clinical Professor with education and experience in practical psychology, management, marketing, public relations, and digital marketing; currently a holistic physician and and entrepreneur with businesses in both Canada and USA.

Dr. Irina has learnt SCENAR therapy from Dr. Yuri Gorfinkel and Dr. Alexander Revenko in 1996 and has facilitated its movement to the West in 1997. To this day Dr. Irina continues to promote the SCENAR technology worldwide through her writing, marketing campaigns, training seminars, online events, live conferences, and speaking engagements. She is the author of many publications on SCENAR, as well as of many translations of the Russian SCENAR literature. Dr. Irina is convinced that SCENAR and other complementary energy healing technologies will be in the core of a new healthcare system based on self-care, which her growing community of Home Healers is building.