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SCENAR: The Right Adjunct Modality to Any Massage Practice

In your massage therapy or alternative health practice, you’re always looking for new and better ways to treat your clients and add beneficial services for natural pain reduction, rehabilitation, muscle stimulation, improved energy balance, and all around good health. The SCENAR device is the perfect way to expand your practice and give every client a service unique to your practice.

Value for the Therapist

The use of SCENAR in your practice not only benefits the clients but also the practitioners. As a massage therapist or other alternative health practitioner, you may find that you’re physically exhausted after a long day of administering treatments. Alternative methods are often more hands-on and take more work than others. SCENAR helps to alleviate such exhaustion for the practitioner while still delivering impeccable service to the client.

  • The SCENAR device is an excellent companion to physiotherapy for any kind of rehabilitation. This modality is less invasive than others as well as completely pain free. Clients who are reluctant to try other alternative practices will feel more comfortable with the SCENAR method.
  • Practitioners can offer a new service without adding onto the physical building of their practice or increasing insurance premiums. This method is risk free so the only investment is in the devices themselves.
  • Practitioners can benefit from increased trauma prevention and reducing the risk of burn-out by using the SCENAR device on their own pains at the end of the day. Practitioners can enjoy muscle stimulation and natural pain reduction without the cost of too much added time or money.
  • Since clients can use the SCENAR device at home, there is also a market for teaching its use in large groups. Practitioners can hold classes or instructional seminars showing their clients about the best ways to benefit from SCENAR therapy on their own.

As a practitioner, you can find several ways that your massage or alternative health practice can benefit from adding SCENAR therapy. Everyone can learn how to use it quickly and your practice will be expanding in ways that your clients will love in no time!

Introduce Your Clients to SCENAR

Any new therapy will be exciting for your clients, but they may also be skeptical. Encourage them to ask questions and provide literature about the SCENAR device as well as what it can do for them.

  • If you have clients currently undergoing surgery recovery or rehabilitation, talk to them about how this therapy can provide natural pain reduction and muscle stimulation, which may decrease their rehabilitation time.
  • Clients with sports injuries may want to know about the portability of the SCENAR device so they can bring it with them wherever they travel for their work. They’ll be able to decrease stress before and after competition while also preventing further injuries.
  • Hold seminars about SCENAR therapy at your practice to give clients a chance to learn about how it can help them as well as how effective and non-invasive it is.

Learn More Today

In order to teach your clients about the best benefits of SCENAR therapy, you’ll first have to learn all about it yourself. The investment is a lot less than expanding your practice in other ways and there is virtually no downside to giving it a try. Seek more information today and learn about all the ways the SCENAR device will be the right modality for your practice.

Don’t Forget Your SCENAR Device When Going Away On Holidays!

Going away for a fun holiday with the family can be a wonderful time but also cause for a lot of stress. When camping or going to the beach, there are a lot of instances where injury can occur and pain management is necessary. Away from home, this can be a bit of a challenge but if you remember to bring your SCENAR device along, you can decrease stress during your holiday and improve trauma prevention by treating injuries naturally and painlessly before the problem gets worse.

No Gaps in Physiotherapy

When you’re dealing with surgery recovery or healing sports injures, it’s important to continue your physiotherapy even if you go on vacation. Taking your personal SCENAR device with you when you go away makes it easy to continue your routine as well as add extra pain management if you get sore muscles or other issues that may come up.

Muscle Stimulation after Activities

Activities such as hiking, climbing or camping give reasons for needing pain relief at the end of the day. Your personal SCENAR device can help give you exactly the kind of relaxation you’re looking for and you won’t have to waste any time feeling better before you go on with the rest of your holiday.

Relax Further

A holiday relaxing on the beach or taking a cruise can become even better when you remember your personal SCENAR device. The electrical stimulation provided by your device is a great way to improve energy balance, relax further, and get the most out of your trip. When you feel good, you’ll be able to enjoy every day that you’re away on holiday.

At Home Rehabilitation

One of the most important and convenient uses of a personal SCENAR device is at home rehabilitation. With your own device, you can learn how to continue your surgery recovery or rehab from sports injuries at home instead of going to a facility every day or prolonging a hospital stay.

  • Talk to your rehabilitation professional about getting your own personal SCENAR device and learning how to use it best for your condition.
  • Work with a SCENAR practitioner and discover all the ways the device can help you, perhaps even beyond your rehabilitation.
  • After an injury or surgery, pain medication is often administered and encouraged to continue at home. This can lead to dependence but a SCENAR device allows for natural pain reduction without drugs of any kind, lessening the chances of developing an addiction.

Learn More Today!

Before you begin using a personal SCENAR device, learn about how it is used and find a certified practitioner to help you figure out how the device can benefit you best. Without the correct information, you may end up not getting the desired results. Trying SCENAR therapy is not dangerous and there are no reported side effects so there aren’t any risks to considering this path. Ask your doctor and find out more about how a personal SCENAR device may help your condition today!

How Well Does RITM SCENAR Work for Pain Relief?

Nearly everyone suffers from some sort of chronic pain, whether it’s from an old injury, a chronic condition, or something that has recently come on. Dealing with it can be a cumbersome and frustrating part of your life that causes a decrease in emotional health as well. Anyone who has experienced this will know that finding effective and long-term pain relief often requires a lot of trial and error, drugs and chemicals, and all kinds of physiotherapy that may not even work. Effective pain relief does not have to be so elusive. RITM SCENAR can be exactly what you’re looking for to decrease stress and finally enjoy rehabilitation that sticks.

How Does it Work?

RITM SCENAR devices use electrical stimulation to reorder the way that the brain sends signals. Natural endorphins are released, causing pain relief and positive muscle stimulation in much the same way that exercise does. The practice can be performed with the handheld device by a practitioner or at home by the patient, making it not only effective but also convenient.

Who Benefits from RITM SCENAR?

Any person who is looking for a natural alternative to treat chronic or acute pain or who has tried several other methods of pain relief or pain management that have not worked can benefit from this treatment as well as professionals looking to add an effective, drug free modality for long term pain relief.

  • SCENAR devices are effective for treating pain in children and babies. Parents and practitioners alike can feel comfortable with using this method for natural pain reduction and reduce the need for medication or surgery in young patients.
  • Athletes affected by sports injuries can use RITM SCENAR as an effective pain management method and forgo drugs and further surgery so that they can continue their athletic careers. Surfer Layne Beachley used SCENAR after being hit by a wave and being injured and it helped her to go on to win her 7th surf championship. Several other runners, fitness enthusiasts, and other athletes swear by these devices for relief, help with surgery recovery, and as the best way to safely get back out there and enjoy what they love.
  • Sufferers of conditions that have caused a lifetime of pain can feel relief and improve energy balance even if other methods, surgery, or drugs have never worked before. Many people with these conditions have felt healed and renewed after turning to RITM SCENAR for relief.

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Learn More and Achieve Effective Pain Relief

The best way to find out if RITM SCENAR will work for you is to try it for yourself. There are no side effects or dangers to having a treatment so there really is nothing to lose but your pain. The SCENAR Therapist Association Australasia can recommend a Professional SCENAR Practitioner near you. The bottom line is that it’s fast, painless, and non-invasive with positive testimony from previous patients who still use RITM SCENAR for their pain management today.