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The Efficacy of SCENAR Therapy for Myofascial Pain Syndrome

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The Efficacy of SCENAR Therapy for Myofascial Pain Syndrome

In Bo Han, MD, Ji Young Moon, MD, Ryoong Huh, MD, Hye Young Yoo, RN, Sang Sup Chung, MD
Department of Neurosurgery, Bundang CHA hospital, Pochon CHA University, Sungnam, Korea
Corresponding author Ryoong Huh, M.D.
Department of Neurosurgery, Pochon CHA University, College of Medicine, Bundang CHA Hospital, 351, Yatap-dong, Bundang-Gu, Sungnam, 463-712, Korea Tel: +82-31-780-5260 Fax: +82-31-780-5269 E-mail : hrnsd@hanmail.net
Running Head: SCENAR Therapy


Objectives: Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) is a frequent cause of chronic musculoskeletal pain.

The purpose of this study is to verify the usefulness of SCENAR standing for Self-Controlled Energo-Neuro-Regulator in patients with MPS.

Materials and Methods: We retrospectively analyzed 340 patients from March 2006 to December 2006 in whom SCENAR therapy was performed for MPS. SCENAR therapy consisted in 10 sessions lasting 20 minutes. Therapeutic effects were evaluated before treatment, at 1 week, and at month after the end of treatment using a visual analogue scale (VAS) and we categorized treatments as effective or ineffective.
Results: The patients treated by SCENAR therapy showed significant improvement in the VAS. One week after the SCENAR therapy, 296 patients (87.2 %) had experienced effective pain relief, and these improvements were maintained at the 1 month follow-up evaluation.

Conclusion: SCENAR therapy is a safe and effective means of treating patients with MPS.

KEYWORDS: Myofascial pain syndrome • pain • SCENAR