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SCENAR – One Biophysical Option in Fatigue

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Abstracts of the 17th MASCC International Symposium

Support Care Cancer (2005) 13: 401–483 DOI 10.1007/s00520-005-0829-0


SCENAR – One Biophysical Option in Fatigue.

Boris Zaidiner1, Ilia Baranovsky2, Nicolay Lyan 3. 1 Cancer Hospital, 2Medical Unit “Zdorovye”, 3Medical Unit “Biocar”.

While studying fatigue’s biophysical peculiarities they were paid less attention than other aspects. Meanwhile such information could add a lot to therapeutic programs. We present data on electrophysiologic characteristics of some acupuncture meridians in patients (pts) with fatigue related to illness and/or treatment. 46 pts (women 25, men 21, mean age 54.6 ± 3.3 years, range 39–79 years) with morphologically proved malignancies of various nosological forms were enrolled after informed consent. The cutaneous electroconductivity was measured in representative points on routine Nakatani method with the device RISTA on SCENAR-technology presented in our previous works (Zaidiner, 1999; Zaidiner, Grinberg, Vorozheikina, 2003).

In 41 of 46 pts (89.1%) significant (p < 0.05) decrease of activity scores on digestory and lung (L, LI, SI) meridians were revealed; the same was with P-meridian which allocates to cerebral autonomic functions. The scores on these meridians didn’t exceed 20 whereas in healthy people they’re above 40… 50. 37 of 41 pts had severely (p < 0.00l) decreased K-meridian scores which were <15. “Physiologic range” was also lower than this level of healthy man. Chinese acupuncture concepts attribute such decrease to the suppression of body’s nutritive function provided with digestive organs and lungs. The body internal energy resources (which are governed with kidneys) also run out; besides there’re disorders in immunoendocrine status regulated by the cerebral centers. “Physiologic range” decrease as illustration of cancer fatigue summarizes these
disorders. We found the differences with chronic fatigue syndrome: its “physiologic range” is on the level of 30…50 and score changes concern Sp- and, to smaller degree, P-meridians. Our results confirm fatigue’s energetic exhaustion and permit acupuncture formularies to be suggested for the supplemental therapy. Such suggestions will be tested in accordance with evidence-based medicine rules.