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Influence of SCENAR-therapy on the GABA content, antioxidant and epileptic activities

Published: European Neuropsychopharmacology, Volume 12, Supplement 3, October 2002, Page 426

Authors: M. Maklesova I , A. Kucherenko 1 , M. Vakulenko 1 , I. Grinberg 2.1Rostov State University, Institute of Biology, Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation; 2 OKB Ritm, Taganrog, Russian Federation

SCENAR (Self Controlled EnergoNeuroAdaptive Regulator) is the name of the new apparatus and the method of electroacupuncture. In U.K. its name is “cosmed”. SCENAR influence the patient skin areas by the impulse electrical current and is an electrical treatment method. At first time the main aim of the SCENAR use is the increasing of pain. It is using for all kind of neurological patients now. So, the aim of our study was to investigate the effect SCENAR on the epileptic and antioxidant activities, and also GABA content. The antioxidant system activity was included the content of thyobarbituric acid-active products, the SOD and catalase activities, the level of middle mass molecules.

The experimental results were statistically processed with the Wilcoxon criterions T for dependent and U for nondependent samples and Spirmen correlation coefficient. As know, oxygen has toxic effect to organism, especially to neural system, therefore we used the high oxygen pressure as paroxysm-inducing factor.

It was founded that the GABA content in the rat brain decrease under hyperoxya on the 57 % (p<0,001) for control, which is associated with epileptic activity (26+2 min). It was shown that under hyperoxya free radical production high increase and antioxydant system activity decrease, synchronously. The SCENAR treatment modulated the GABA concentrations in the brain under hyperoxya: the GABA content was higher on 33 % (p<0, 001) on the group “SCENAR+O2” when in the group “02”. The SCENAR treatment induces normalisation of the antioxydant system activity.

Also we observed the SCENAR effect on the epileptic patient (11 man), which had paracsismal activity on EEG after psychoemotional trauma. The arahnoiditic with very wide ventricles found out on the brain tomogramma. After SCENAR treatment in this patient we identified the normal EEG and tomogrammes. The paroxysm was absent. Thus, SCENAR may act in the hyperoxya as the defence. Accordion our results we can recommend to use SCENAR for treatment of epileptic patients. It is important to say that the SCENAR apparatus can to be use at home by patient.