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Dr. Alexander Revenko awarded with Chekhov Medal

RITM Australia congratulates Dr. Alexander Revenko – the founder of SCENAR medicine, and the Director of SCENAR Academy – on his honoured award and recognition of his unique contribution in the world medicine development.
Dr. Alexander Revenko was awarded with Chekhov Medal for his “High professional achievements”. At the same time with Chekhov Medal award, Dr. Revenko will be admitted to the Union of Writers of Russia and Chekhov Community.

RITM OKB Branch Offices in USA and Canada

Establishment of RITM OKB Branch Offices in USA and Canada

In June 2011 Ritm America LLC and Ritm Canada LTD became the Exclusive Import Companies for RITM OKB ZAO and Kosmed International in the North American market. Ritm America LLC and Ritm Canada LTD are the direct North American representatives for both OKB and KI companies and serve as RITM Group pole companies for both territories.

The establishment of the RITM America and RITM Canada is to create and monitor FTC, FDA and Health Canada compliant marketing materials for distributors, resellers and practitioner use, co-ordinate research initiatives in USA and Canada, ensure manufacturers and distributors are acting within the law and to provide constant accurate information on RITMSCENAR Technology and Therapy to the governments, hospitals, military, Drs, Practitioners and home users; to spread the word about “RITMSCENAR Pain Relief Device” so that RITMSCENAR becomes a house hold name.

RITM Americawww.ritmamerica.com

RITM Canadawww.ritmcanada.ca

RITMSCENAR on A Current Affair part2

Due to the extraordinary interest about RITMSCENAR technology, Nine Network Current Affair have aired another story about RITMSCENAR.

Please click on the image below to watch the second part.



RITMSCENAR on A Current Affair

Chris Mortensen’s tremendous success in treating elite athletes with RITMSCENAR has been featured on the Australian National TV – Current Affair on 14th of February 2011.

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RITM OKB ZAO 30th Anniversary

Happy 30th Anniversary RITM OKB ZAO!

RITM Australia and RITM SCENAR Institute congratulate RITM OKB ZAO for 30 years of development in the technology  that gives the world the ultimate gift – the enhanced ability for the human body to heal itself.

History will honor and revere all the work of RITM OKB members and staff.

We salute you!