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New research from South Korea shows that SCENAR is far more superior for treatment of chronic neck pain than TENS devices.

The research abstract was presented at the European Pain Federation EPIC  in Vienna, Austria this October.


Y. EUN1, W. Choi2
1family medicine, St. Vincent’s hospital Catholic University of Korea, Suwon, Korea
2family medicine, St. Mary’s hospital Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Korea

Background and aims: Chronic neck pain is a common condition entailing the high cost of pharmacological treatment, but it has limited evidence of efficacy and side-effects. This study aims to examine the effectiveness of a new therapy, SCENAR therapy, on pain and disability in patients with chronic neck pain through comparison with Transcuteneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy.

Methods: We studied 30 elderly patients with chronic neck pain of more than 3 months duration. The subjects were randomized into two groups receiving (1)SCENAR therapy or (2)TENS therapy (control); three times a week for two weeks. The patients were assessed before and after 2-week treatment using three measuring tools such as Numeric Rating Scale (NRS), Neck Disability Index (NDI), and Range of Motion (ROM).

Results: The SCENAR group showed significantly improved results in NRS, NDI, and ROM after intervention, as did the TENS group.(p<0.05) The comparison of mean changes in the SCENAR group(12.36) before and after intervention showed superior results in the NDI when compared with the TENS group(3.950).

Conclusion: The findings show that both SCENAR and TENS are effective treatment for patients with chronic neck pain. Patients who underwent SCENAR had a significant improvement in Neck Disability Index (NDI) than the TENS group.




Former basketball player Allan T. experienced a real SCENAR magic. After a right-side stroke the left side of his body was paralyzed, the patient felt severe pain in the right shoulder. He could not sleep on his right side because of that.



During the SCENAR therapy training courses in Los Angeles in October 15-18, Dr. Josef Semikatov and Dr. Irina Ershova demonstrated on Allan the possibilities of SCENAR therapy. After just a few sessions, a significant improvement showed up both in his physical and emotional states. The level of pain decreased. Now he can move his limbs considerably better. For the first time during a long period Allan could walk without aid stick.


A little bit later the American told that he could sleep well again. Now he could sleep on his right side (he could not do that for the last 6-7 months). Moreover, he started driving a car, though only with his right hand. There are also some other positive improvements, though he did not even hope for that.



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We are excited to announce the forth coming book written by former CEO of RITM OKB ZAO and our dear friend Jakov Grinberg.

He will be documenting his personal experiences with the developmentand history of SCENAR devices and technology. The book will reveal the true account of SCENAR invention, the people involved and the milestones achieved in the development of this revolutionary healing modality.Jakov_Grinberg

Jakov will also openly speak about all SCENAR imitations and ‘copy-cat’ products that have emerged during the years, such as the  Fenzian, ENF, InterX, Physiokey, AVAZZIA, Tennant Biomodulator and others.

At last there will be clarity about SCENAR history!

We will post updates regarding the release date and we all look forward to reading this very important book.

Level 1 SCENAR Professional – 3 days live training.

Dates and Times: Friday 4th, Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December, 9am – 5pm
Light refreshments will be provided.
Price: $1200 incl. GST for new SCENAR device owners. $600 for repeating Level 1 and $35 – printed Level 1 manual.
Location and Venue:  Amarant Retreat
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Hanna has gathered together a network of highly skilled, experienced and pioneering practitioners to manifest her vision: making a difference in your world makes a difference in our world.”
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RITM Australia’s Level 2 Professional Training Course has an updated content, graphics and animations. Dr. Jorg Prinz has re-written the training course recently and now the material is very easy to understand and apply in your SCENAR practice.

The online course is uploaded at our SCENAR training web site ritmscenar.com.au to provide further training opportunities for our clients.

Customers who have completed Level 2 with us are eligible for one year free access to course and can purchase the printed booklet for $40. Please contact us to arrange the details.

If you are interested in attending the new Level 2 live seminar please send us your expression of interest so that we can put together a training course in your area.




We are pleased to inform our customers of Home and Professional SCENAR devices that the new online Course – SCENAR Meridian Stretch Technique – is available at our SCENAR Training web site.

The SMST is a revolutionary treatment technique developed by the Japanese SCENAR master practitioner and Naturopath Toshi Kobayashi. 

The technique combines the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the SCENAR technology. Each meridian is treated with SCENAR and stretched at the same time providing instant pain relief, increased mobility and clearance of blockages. Easy to understand and implement the course is suitable for both beginners and professionals, with or without basic knowledge in TCM. The course includes information about the meridians, where and how to treat the meridian and a short video showing the stretch technique using a SCENAR device.


Toshi Kobayashi


Human Health Sciences (Naturopathic): Bachelor HSc.ND
Flower Essences: Master Holistic counsellor
RITM SCENAR: Master class
Australia Life Academy Wild Flower Essences: Japan Senior Lecturer
Eyeology (Iridology Sclerology diagnosis): Certificate ll
Clinical Acupuncture: Post Graduate Diploma
Massage: Certificate lV (instructor at TAFE)
Trigger Point Therapy: (instructor at TAFE)
Aromatherapy: Diploma
Herbal therapy: Diploma
Kinesiology: Certificate ll
Instructor in Yin harmonization Therapy
Director of the Wild Flower Therapist Association
Council Member of the International society of personalized Medicine
NPO, integrative medicine Health Promotion Association (IMHS) Advisor
Member of the Society of Integrative Medicine Doctors


RITM Australia and Prinz Natural Health are taking part in the Hamilton Natural Health Expo New Zealand.

Join us at the Hamilton Natural Health Expo 2015

Hamilton Gardens Pavilion

17th and 18th October 10:00 – 5:00pm


Dr. Jorg Prinz and other SCENAR Practitioners from New Zealand will be available for RITMSCENAR therapy demonstrations, expert advice and will be offering great expo specials on all of our products.



RITM OKB ZAO was created in May 1980. The name of the organization was “Special Design Bureau of Medical Information-automated diagnostic systems (“MIDAS”) at the Taganrog State University of Radioengineering ”. Wherefore was a new OKB established?
Soviet Union began to fall behind the Western countries in the field of medical equipment; this gap became more noticeable in the end of 80’s. The task for the new design office was to eliminate this gap.

new-47In 1983 OKB “MIDAS” was renamed to OKB “RITM” at TRTI; in 1998 the organization got its current name RITM OKB ZAO. From the outset the key activity of OKB was the development of health systems and devices for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and also systems and devices for psycho-physiological assessment. Centers for training pilots, sailors, divers and representatives of other sensitive occupations were interested in cooperation with RITM OKB. One of the most important customers was the Cosmonauts Training Center.

The first contract for the development of SCENAR device was signed on December 12, 1986 with some mysterious company, which had only the mailbox – G-4897 instead of the address. One could highly likely state that it had been one of the units of the USSR Space Agency. The new SCENAR device was immediately put to clinical studies. The studies gave so unexpected results that in the late 80’s there emerged a high demand for SCENAR-therapy. A large number of patients made it possible to generalize the obtained results, which contributed to the emergence of a new trend in medicine – SCENAR-therapy and a new medical specialty – SCENAR-therapist.img714

The creators of SCENAR-therapy were two physicians. Yuri Gorfinkel was the author of subjectively dosed mode (SDR) of the device. He passed away early because of his participation in the clean-up operations of the Chernobyl disaster. Alexander Revenko was the author of individually-dosed mode (IDR). Both of these techniques are classic and complement each other. As time went on SCENAR therapy techniques became more complicated. As the result SCENAR therapy trainings emerged both in Russia and abroad. There is one fact that indicates a high level of new OKB: the first director and the chief developer of OKB was Vladimir Zaharevich, who later became the first rector of the Southern Federal University (SFU). He has been in the position of the general director since January 1981 till April 1990. He was replaced by Rudolf Kryukov who left good memory about himself. After that RITM OKB ZAO was helmed by Yakov Grinberg from November 1998 till September 2012. He was replaced by SCENAR-therapist and businessman Yuri Starovoytov. During his leadership the company has managed to evict the trademark SCENAR and to initiate a new economic policy.

new-51As a result the SCENAR-therapy has been recognized on all five continents, in more than 30 countries, including the Netherlands, England, Bulgaria, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, South Korea, etc.







RITM Australia, SCENAR & MASSAGE Therapy and Prinz Natural Health are taking part in the Annual Massage Conference in New Zealand

The conference will be held over two days from Saturday 22nd August through to Sunday 23rd August 2015 at the ASB Arena in Mount Maunganui.

Around 100 practitioners are expected to come from across New Zealand and Australia.

This will be the largest therapeutic massage industry event in New Zealand in 2015.

Dr. Jorg Prinz and Christina Spencer will be available at our booth for RITMSCENAR therapy demonstrations, expert advice and will be offering great expo specials on all of our products.