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RITMSCENAR Pro+ is a multifunctional and powerful SCENAR device designed for advanced users to provide specialist SCENAR therapy.

The RITMSCENAR Pro+ is a light-weight, portable and easy to use SCENAR device that delivers a non-invasive, interactive electrical stimulation via the patient’s skin.

SCENAR technology has been proven to provide quick and sustainable pain relief in a wide range of painful conditions, increased function, and quicker rehabilitation.



Level 1 Professional Training is obligatory for first time owners of a SCENAR Professional device. If you are purchasing a Professional SCENAR device for the first time you need to order:

Level 1 three days training seminar – AUD1200 – For Australian and New Zealand customers

Level 1 Online training – AUD350 – For Overseas customers


The RITMSCENAR Pro+ is a multifunctional and advanced RITMSCENAR model.

The RITMSCENAR™ Professional device range is designed for medical and allied health practitioners such as Physiotherapists, Veterinarians, Nurses, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Rehabilitation Practitioners, Podiatrists, Massage and Sports Therapists.

RITMSCENAR™ Professional devices are micro-computers with built-in electrodes that deliver complex electrical signals directly to the skin.

The SCENAR™ impulse waveforms and frequencies change automatically to prevent the body from adapting to the stimulation.

The RITMSCENAR™ Professional series devices measure the body response of the electrical signal and display the information on a LCD screen. This allows the practitioner to view current readings and choose the most appropriate mode of operation and zone of treatment.

The RITMSCENAR Pro+ device supports four Modes of operation:

Manual Mode – all device settings, localization of active points and treatment durations are determined subjectively by the therapist.

Dosing Modes – Dose1 and Dose 2 – treatment of a particular skin area is dosed automatically by the device. The treatment time is determined by the device and depends on the changes in skin parameters.

Screening Mode – a measuring mode for quick determination of the most optimal treatment zones.

The device can be set up with various amplitude modulations depending on the stage of the pain process, treatment area and the individual response of the body. The Amplitude modulations integrated into the RITMSCENAR Pro+ are: 1:1:, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 and 1:5.

Five Damping modes are available in the RITM SCENAR Pro+ to be used according to the complaint phase, skin sensitivity and body response.

The Frequency Modulation incorporated in the RITM SCENAR Pro+ is from 30Hz to 120Hz. As an addition to the FM modes, the RITMSCENAR Pro+ also supports four Swing modes in preventing the body’s accommodation to the signal.

Influencing Frequencies can be selected within the range of 15Hz to 350Hz and can be utilized in the treatment of different phases of the complaint.

The practitioner can also control and modify other parameters of the device, such as: impulse intensity, duration of gaps between impulses and power influence for achieving optimal treatment results.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 27 x 17 x 7 cm


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