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New Conference Speaker – Michael Butler

MichaelMichael Butler – Musculoskeletal & Bioregulatory Medicine Practitioner

Workshop: Taking an integrated approach to get the be best outcome with SCENAR Therapy

“SCENAR is an amazing therapy that can produce unrivalled results.  However, we can achieve even better and faster long-lasting outcomes by understanding more about how the body works and by using other supporting techniques integrated with SCENAR.”

New Conference Speaker – Bhavani Rooks

BhavaniBhavani Rooks just confirmed her workshop during the 2017 SCENAR Conference in Sydney.

Bhavani is one of the most experienced SCENAR Practitioners and trainers in Australia. In 2006 she was introduced to SCENAR and after training started her journey as a SCENAR Practitioner and Trainer. Bhavani has extensive experience in treating chronic and acute conditions. She specializes in menopausal issues and symptom control. Also respiratory issues symptom control and relief. She has extended her practice providing SCENAR treatments to animals such as dogs, cats and horses.

Bhavani is going to talk about respiratory issues in her workshop during the Conference.