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Book about the development and history of SCENAR by Jakov Grinberg

We are excited to announce the forth coming book written by former CEO of RITM OKB ZAO and our dear friend Jakov Grinberg.

He will be documenting his personal experiences with the developmentand history of SCENAR devices and technology. The book will reveal the true account of SCENAR invention, the people involved and the milestones achieved in the development of this revolutionary healing modality.Jakov_Grinberg

Jakov will also openly speak about all SCENAR imitations and ‘copy-cat’ products that have emerged during the years, such as the  Fenzian, ENF, InterX, Physiokey, AVAZZIA, Tennant Biomodulator and others.

At last there will be clarity about SCENAR history!

We will post updates regarding the release date and we all look forward to reading this very important book.